I’m going to try my best NOT to pontificate about the importance of printing your pictures. To be honest, it is kind of a soapbox topic for me!! I feel SO strongly that your wedding photos (really any photos) shouldn’t live on your computer. Having tangible products like a print or album that you can hold ensures that your legacy will live on for future generations. I spend way too much time thinking how there will be so many pictures just lost on the internet that our future generations will not even know existed. But they WILL see, hold, frame a picture of grandma and grandpa’s wedding day they found in a drawer. OKAY OKAY I’m done 🙂 Back to our regularly scheduled programming… ALBUMS!

Today I want to show off some pictures of the beautiful KISS heirloom wedding photo albums. Throughout this past wedding season, I’ve designed 10 wedding albums for my lovely clients. It’s one of my favorite things to do… sort through my favorite photos of their day, design spreads to showcase their details and tell the story of the day. Below I’m going to walk you through alllll of the different options KISS gives you when it comes to albums. But if you’re interested in why wedding albums are worth the investment, click here. To see a sample album, click here!

Leather Covers

Suede Covers

Linen Covers


An up-close look at thin pages (left) vs. thick pages (right)

Cameo window option


There are so many ways to add your name to the cover, be it debossing (seen on the blue linen with gold and on the leather in clear) or engraving (Julie and Eric’s album).


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