In honor of the main Midwest wedding season coming to a close, today I’m posting all about my wedding album- how I made it, what site I use, and most importantly- how thankful I am that I have a tangible album that holds images of one of my most precious days.In an era where digital photos greatly outnumber printed photos, wedding albums can act as a proud display and safeguard of incredibly important images. Brides- if there are any pictures in the WORLD that should be printed, it’s those from your wedding day!

Now I am someone who loves to collect things. I hang onto seemingly irrelevant items, like the Playbill from the Broadway show my husband and I saw in honor of celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. I’m truly not a hoarder either; I have no problem dumping things that clutter our life- but there are certain things that I hold onto because of the memories behind them. I fantasize about being a grandma one day and having my granddaughter stumble upon that Playbill, and sharing with her the joy and stories behind that celebration.

I think this is the reason why the number one thing I collect is pictures. I love looking through old pictures, remembering times that in the present moment I had forgotten, laughing about jokes that had long slipped from my memory. This is why I needed no convincing to create a wedding album. But, for those of you reading this that are still oscillating between should I or shouldn’t I, I hope to have you convinced by the end of this post!

I made my wedding album using KISS Books and am SO happy with the quality and service I received. There are so many different options in terms of customizing your album, I had so much fun with creating it! They offer both leather and linen covers, and I opted for a 12×12 leather album in the color “Cannella.”

I also was really happy with the engraving/ personalization we chose.

The following pictures are shots of all of the spreads in our book. Each page (even the first and last!) lay flat, so you don’t have to worry about what part of the image is in the “gutter.” I chose the “thin” over “thick” option for the page thickness, and full disclosure: that was only done to save money. For all of my brides, I don’t even mention the thin option because I wholeheartedly believe the thick is worth the extra money now, after seeing my album with thin pages. Again, it feels like a huge investment at the time, but I am constantly reminded about the value of going to highest-quality route as my album is passed around my circle of doting aunts and cousins at family parties.

Wedding albums are worth the investment to have your most treasured images from your wedding day preserved in a safe way that also allows you to tangibly access and share it with others. My lovely wedding photographer Jodi Bodtke of Giving Tree Photography delivered upwards of 600+ fully edited images of the day. I have close to every single image printed out as a 4×6 and saved in a separate album because that’s just me/ my jam. To have a wedding album with just your top 50-60 images tell the story of the day and be easily passed around is priceless and worth every penny.

Brides: If your photographer offers an album as part of a package or an add-on item, TAKE THEM UP ON IT! If they don’t, I will happily created your album for you- just reach out to me at

Photographers: Are albums not your jam like they are mine? Do you like the idea of offering them but can’t fit it into your already packed workflow? Maybe it’s time to outsource album creation. Maybe you should add albums to your list of a la carte services for brides- either way, I’m your girl! I am now offering my album creation services to other photographers in the wedding industry. Shoot me an email at and we can chat about how I can help 🙂

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