My Journey to Full-Time Photography

One of the questions I get asked the most (by strangers I chat with at the store, by clients, by really any new person I’m introducing myself to!) is: Wow! A wedding photographer? How did you get into that?! And when I get asked that question (even though I should be expecting it by now), the wheels in my head start spinning. How do I condense 10+ years of this story into 3 sentences? If only I could direct them to this post 😂So here it is- the long version for all inquiring minds: my journey to being a full-time photographer.

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christi at a glance

everything from her go-to celebratory drink to her most despised chore

1. she vALUES...

2. on an average day, Christi can be found drinking...

3. Task she always procrastinates:

4. Alternate Career choice (if I wasn't a photographer):

5. Wishes she was better at:

6. her happy place:

7. go-to celebratory drink:

8. hidden talent?

9. Most despised chore:

marriage over weddings


coffee, tea, and lacroix

emptying out old food from the fridge

architect or art curator

cleto chiarli rosé

my cabin in northern Michigan

fixing things around the house

calling to make appointments

10. Favorite Flower:

peach ranunculus

For me, one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer is the chance to create real relationships with my clients. By virtue of being a wedding photographer, I get to share in one of the most exciting and foundational seasons of my clients' relationships. However, in order to do this well, I realize that I first need to let them into my life and story! You will find my blog series "The Story of Us" below that depicts everything from how Domenick and I met to our wedding day!

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