It’s been a while since I’ve featured a wedding album on here! I just got Bridget and Don’s KISS heirloom wedding album in the mail last week and could barely wait to flip through it. It is my favorite mail day of all when another one of these beautiful heirloom wedding albums is delivered to me. I love to hold it in all of its greatness and imagine for a moment my bride’s granddaughter paging through this same exact album. Noticing what shoes her grandma wore on her wedding day. Marveling at how young Grandpa looks. Internalizing that marriages last, and that through highs and lows and lots of hard work, one day she can have a marriage like that.

That might sound outlandish or far-fetched, but I don’t think it is. I believe marriages to be truly powerful vehicles for change. St. Mother Theresa is known for saying, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” That resonates so much with me– marriages show you at your most striped-down version of yourself, the good, bad, and ugly, so to speak. It’s not always easy to love your family, but when I step back and think of what is truly most dear to me out of anything in this world, it’s my husband, our daughter, and our immediate and extended families.

So back to the album… Bridget and Don’s heirloom wedding album is the 12×12 leather album in the color “Pelle.” They got engraving on the front and their pages are luxuriously thick!

Below are some of my favorite spreads from their album 🙂


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