I need to start off by saying just how excited I am that Bridget and Don were game for doing their engagement pictures at Lakeshore State Park. It has been on my list of places to photograph at and it surely didn’t disappoint! I had originally stumbled upon Lakeshore State Park when I did a desperate Google search for “tall grass in downtown Milwaukee” haha!! I am a sucker for tall grass but didn’t want to drive out super far from the city to get it either. This location has it all: lake, beach, tall grass, Milwaukee skyline, docks- it’s such a great pick for a session because you can achieve many different looks in a short amount of time.

Bridget and Don totally killed it in their engagement session which makes me even more excited for their November wedding (if that was even possible!). They brought along Lady, their cocker spaniel, who kept the laughs coming all session long. We ended just as the sun started to set which resulted in some truly magical golden hour shots… now on to the good stuff!

I LOVE when you can tell that two people are head over heels for each other!

He did this on their first date!! 🙂

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