How does one choose a top 30 for a blog post when is gorgeous? It was practically close-my-eyes-and-point-at-the-screen to select these beauts. Between the hazy skyline, adorable pup, and mini garden of Eden we stumbled upon, this is the sort of shoot that makes editing a breeze! Lauren and Jonathan recently relocated from the south to Chicago, so I was determined to give them some very “Chicago” portraits (along with the other, more natural looks).  Olive Park is a lesser known jewel nestled in the heart of downtown Chicago, but sometimes gets overlooked as it is right next to Navy Pier. Little do most people know, it has an INCREDIBLE view of the skyline, a walk out bordering Lake Michigan, and a small grove of the most lush green trees you can imagine! I am so glad to be able to capture this exciting time in your lives, Lauren and Jonathan, and do not envy the person who has to choose which one of these gets framed!! 😉

Lauren, you are so beautiful!

The perfect family picture- even Dany is looking and smiling!!


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