Ahhh, the good ol’ behind the scenes blog post. It’s been a longstanding tradition of mine to dedicate one post a year to all of the parts of a wedding day that you don’t usually see on my blog. I love showcasing the pretty, but there’s also something about the realness of what it takes to get those shots that I really enjoy showing. I guess I like the proof that a lot of hard work, weird positions, and hand motions go into the weekly wedding posts I share throughout the season. So grab some popcorn and enjoy scrolling through of a highlight of the parts of this year you *haven’t* seen yet!

Also, treat yourself to the video version of my BTS (it’s 1 min long, nothing crazy!).

Kicking off the post with a little bump action- I tried to snap a shot before every wedding and while I missed a few, you get the jist! I was pregnant at every wedding I shot this year, starting from 5 weeks all the way to 35 weeks!

 Nothing like interrupting an otherwise intimate moment 😉

Reassuring dad just how the father-daughter first look will go

Forever in the middle of your aisle for those epic ceremony shots!

Photographer or cheerleader? The world may never know!

Always happy to snap a picture on your phone so you can have it instantly 🙂

One of my favorite parts of the day- details!!

Caught in the act: I couldn’t help myself. There were wood chips all over the area we were doing bridal portraits, and all I could see is hours in Photoshop to erase them. Thankfully I found a broom tucked around the corner and was able to clean it up right before Emily was ready!

Veil shots look so effortless, but oftentimes there are 10 shots you never see where it didn’t work. Like this one, where the veil flew straight out of Claire’s hair!

I give you: Operation “keep bride as dry and comfortable as possible.” We may have had rain but we also got some amazing portraits this wedding day! Love my brides and their flexibility/ ability to trust me when weather or other things don’t go as planned!

Sitting here 38.5 weeks pregnant and remembering this day when I thought my bump was big then! haha

SO fun to share this season of pregnancy with my friend and bride Kortney! Did you catch her newborn session here?! Also- I wish I remembered to take pictures with every bride at the end of the night! They are some of my favorite people and I’m always happy when they remind me to snap one!

You can’t tell here, but I am wearing 2 cameras and shooting on a third- talk about pack mule haha

Love this shot of the photo/video team. We’ll do anything to get the right angle!! haha

No clue what’s going on here!! Bustling Lyndsey’s dress possibly? Airing it out? Looking for something? 

Don’t tell my mom or husband that I was standing on chairs at 35 weeks to shoot the tablescape!

A long day but still all smiles!

I found myself shooting on many a dock this year and every time I walked out on it, I said a little prayer that all three of us would stay dry haha. I’m happy to report there were no unplanned dips into the water!

I call this section: the weird angles that feel absolutely necessary in the moment to get “the shot”

LOVE this BTS shot. I found a stack of napkins to act as a white background for a super zoomed in ring shot. It probably looks like a weird setting for a detail shot, but you’d never know looking at the final image!

“hey Alexa, play ‘Bossy” by Kelis”

One of my hidden talents on a wedding day is pinning boutonnieres. If you are lost, I got you!!

One thing that is NOT my talent? Being a dog whisperer. But Chance was such a good boy and we got every shot we wanted with him!

Carley caught me taking a quick break as we prepped for the grand march. Every moment not on your feet on a wedding day counts, and it counts double when you are nearing your third trimester

Taking charge of family photos… as I do

Pretty sure we were fawning over pictures of how adorable Lauren’s first look with her dog Nellie was

 “How close can I get to get the shot while still giving them enough privacy?” 

“Don’t mind me, just inserting myself as a third wheel in one of your day’s happiest moments”

Prepping for the father-daughter first look

Think, think, think

8 weeks pregnant here and only my second shooter knew- peep the Goldfish in my pocket to keep the nausea at bay haha

Setting up the first touch… and trying my best to be a fly on the wall. Not sure if that’s possible with a camera in my hands though?

Even though I’m not necessarily “short”… tippy toes get the job done when I feel like I need a liiiiittle boost

It’s no wonder I close my exercise ring every wedding day

Directing bridal parties: lots of hand motions and bad jokes

Note to all future brides: if you wear a veil, I WILL wrangle it and get those epic veil portraits you know and love!

Forever fixing dresses, with or without a bump getting in the way!

Paparazzi time!

 I have yet to mess up a first look… it must be because of my thorough directions 😉

Fixing a stray hair? Wiping a tear or smudge of mascara? We’ll get personal on your big day.

Another fun peak at the magic behind those flowy train shots!

Rain on your wedding day? All I think of is the amazing nighttime umbrella shot we are going to take! And special thanks to my second shooters for letting me test lighting BEFORE you get out there so you stay as warm + dry as possible!

Forever grateful for all of my second shooters that serve my couples so well! Thank you Brittney, Carley, Sabrina, Katie, Alicia, and Stephanie (not pictured) for your hard work this season!


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  1. Claire Trumpy says:

    This was so fun to read through! We are counting down the days until you capture our day next fall!

  2. Kortney says:

    Couldn’t love you more! How lucky are we to have such a talented friend to share every special milestone in life with?! Thanks for who you are and all you do! Can’t wait for this next season of our littles growing up 😘

  3. Lauren MacDonald says:

    Got me crying all over again!! You are the best photographer ever and loved reliving my day with you again through this post! Xo

  4. Tara Loether says:

    LOVED this!!! You are seriously superwoman and we cannot wait for you to be a part of our day next year!


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