This year’s BTS post is admittedly a little shorter + less entertaining than in years past. However, despite the fact that I only shot 3 weddings with second shooters this year (AKA weddings that I actually had someone there to take a few BTS shots of me– thanks, covid), I feel very committed to still documenting the ones I do have. And to make up for the lack of BTS pics this year, I also made a TikTok of some BTS video my amazing second shooter Carley took of me. So enjoy the video and these pictures, and know that next year I will certainly make up for it!

You know me, I love a good “Insta vs. reality.” In this case, see my detail styling mess on the left, and the final product on the right!

*forever looking way more bossy than I actually am*

A definite highlight of my 2020 season- shooting my best friend’s wedding! This was my first time shooting in a bridesmaid’s dress 🙂

A classic wedding day dance with the videographer: you get the shot, I get the shot

I had my gloves and Northface on (and still was cold), and the bride had bare arms AND heels on. Gina, you the real MVP

Justin saying, “I’m not sure what you said, but we trust you!” At least I look like I have a plan!!

Had to stand on the side of the road to get this shot right. Carley was watching for oncoming traffic… or maybe just taking this picture 😉

Photographer or pack mule?

Couldn’t do wedding days without her!

Just a small entourage

You already know I’m not shooting until the dress is perfectly fluffed.



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