One of my favorite posts of the year is here: a behind the scenes peek at Christi Elizabeth Photography on a wedding day! I love sharing a *different* look than my usual curated posts. Today, I’m peeling back the curtain and showing you all the shots that aren’t necessarily perfectly composed or edited. But you get to see me in my natural habitat, behind the camera and totally lovin’ on my couples on their wedding day!

I shared this sentiment on my Instagram for Thanksgiving, but it’s worth repeating again here: I am SO grateful for every single bride and groom that allowed me to be a part of their wedding. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am to LOVE my job, and to do a job that I actually feel like I’m GOOD at too! So this year, an extra special thank you and gratitude shout out to the couples that let me walk alongside them on their wedding day AND now in their marriages; I’m so grateful for you: Julie + Chris, Traci + Scott, Katlyn + Caleb, Erica + Mitchell, Cassidy + Alex, Lauren + Jordan, Caitlin + Rich, Devon + Matt, Kayla + Zubair, Stephanie + Will, Erika + Armilles, Ainsley + Michael, Leah + Mason, Emily + Dan, Lisa + DJ, Jamie + Randy, and Kaitlin + Kyle (and YES I did just list those chronologically from memory!!).

I call this mini series Christi: The Ultimate Third Wheeler

Oh the difference a matter of a few months makes… If you look closely, you can see a cluster of burrs stuck to my tights from climbing into the bushes to get the right angle. Anything for the shot, right?!

It’s easy to think that my classic veil shots are effortless, but the TRUTH is that it takes a lot of coordination!

 Me explaining poses and my brides graciously going along with it 😉

I LOVE showing flower girls their picture!

Getting ready/ detail shots are some of my favorite pictures I take all day!

And YES that is a picture of me photographing their wedding invitation in the SHOWER!! Having even natural light is probably the most important part of crafting an amazing photo. So if that perfect light is in a shower, you better believe that’s where I’ll be!

I give you: the evolution of my wedding day “uniform” as decided upon by the Wisconsin weather 

Am I the only one who looks at all of these pictures of the back of my head and thinks of this?

“Where is everyone!?”

Just me, waiting for the party to start


Me trying to block just the right amount of light with the branch. First picture: crouching down; Second picture: Tip toes!

Such an exciting part of the day: coordinating first looks!

Pretty sure I was telling Kyle, “It’s just me, DON’T turn around yet!!!”

A last minute dress fluff before Lauren saw her groom for the first time!

Another year of making my own seat in the aisle to get the best angle for your vows and kiss!

Hey guys, can I come with you?

No? Okay just smile for a picture then 😉

Another part of the job: protecting the dress!!

Fluffing the dress – another perk of the job

Nothin’ like a little paparazzi while you snuggle and smooch!

And now, a series of shots where we are testing our light (but onlookers wonder if we are just taking updated profile pics 😂). Also featured: my amazing second shooters that I worked with this season!

My assistant who wishes he was a second shooter AKA my husband, Dom 

Me, honorary Italian by marriage, talking with my hands enough to convince I’m Italian by blood

Always interrupting the sweetest moments

I apparently felt quite optimistic about my ability to wear heels this double header weekend. Don’t worry, the flats were out the minute the ceremony was over!

 Another unexpected part of the job- coaching you through how to cut your cake

I love when I find a groom that enjoys getting his photo taken! This is how happy I was 😂

A hidden perk of wearing a flowy dress: it acts as a built-in scrim to block the harsh light during detail shots!

Hands down one of the best parts of my job: sharing in these moments with my brides!  It’s amazing the little talents I’ve picked up spending so many Saturdays in bridal suites. I can place veils, use a bobby pin to button dresses, and pin a boutonniere like a pro!

I feel like I’m always saying, “THIS is my favorite part!” or “I have the best job!” and they’re always true- but this picture above? This is why I do it. Relationships. Kayla’s bridesmaids were getting dressed and there wasn’t anyone to put her veil in but me. I won’t forget that moment for the rest of my life, sharing that special honor on her wedding day. The best part is that there are hundreds of little moments like this sprinkled though a wedding season. I don’t always have a picture of it, but it is the #1 thing that keeps me happy (see below picture) and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. You could give me the most picture perfect wedding in the world, but if I don’t have a connection with my couple it would be *just another wedding.* The difference is always you, dear bride and groom!

  1. Jenny says:

    Love these behind the scenes pictures! Never knew how much extra you do on a wedding day all the while capturing such amazing photos! Especially love the veil pictures. Priceless!

  2. Dee Przybylski says:

    Just now looking at these on a break from yearend finances! So wonderful to see you in action Christi. You have a gift for photography and writing that shines through in these captions and pictures. Btw, the back of your head is NOT ridiculous. Love seeing your work in front of the camera and from behind (great photographer too!). Way to go.

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