This post is going to be helpful for both people with wedding registries to fill AND people who are attending weddings! I love that these options are versatile and that you could add a few unique gifts (if you’re a bride/groom) or feel confident going off-registry if you’re a wedding guest. A few months ago, I asked my married Instagram followers to share what some of their favorite, albeit unique, things they got for their wedding. I got so many responses and ideas! They are compiled below.

1. A Cooler (filled with fun treats!)

One friend mentioned she received a really nice cooler (which I wouldn’t think of to add to a wedding registry) and that it was also filled with snacks and their favorite wine/beer!

2. Board Games

What married couple doesn’t need a good board game or two for when they are hosting friends?! Ticket to Ride is one of our personal favorites. Even my self-proclaimed board game disliking husband enjoys Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and What Do You Meme?

3. Wine Decanter

One of my friends said they accidentally received two wine decanters for their wedding but that it ended up being such a good present. When they host they use both decanters so she’s always prepared!

4. Cake / Dish Carrier









This is my own answer to the question: What’s your favorite unique/ off-registry gift? I love to cook and am always making things and bringing them to parties. I use this cake carrier and insulated dish carrier ALL THE TIME!! I cannot say enough good things about how they’ve saved me in a pinch!

5. Avocado Slicer

I don’t have one but one of my followers insisted it is game changing!

6. Pyrex Storage Containers

I can attest that glass Tupperware is such a great (and useful) gift! I love glass specifically because it is microwave-friendly. This means you can use put leftovers in it and bring to work and heat up without needing to transfer to another dish. It sounds trivial but it really is a timesaver with one less dish you need to wash.

7. White Noise Machine

The friend that suggested this went as far as to say they loved this gift so much they brought it on their honeymoon! I guess it all depends on your sleeping preferences (my brother CANNOT sleep without white noise!) but I loved the unique idea. It will also come in handy when you have babies that need white noise to sleep 😉

8. Glass Nesting Bowls

Pretty self-explanatory – versatile and useful!

9. Pizza Slicer/ Pizza Pan

We’ve been married for over 3 years and still don’t own an actual pizza slicer. A random but necessary thing to have in your kitchen!

10. An Experience for your Honeymoon

A few people mentioned that they had wedding guests gift them “experiences” for their honeymoon. This one might require a little planning with the bride and groom, but a few ideas are: paying for an excursion- swimming with the dolphins, horseback riding, a private cabana; picking up the tab for a dinner one night; or a little extra shopping cash never hurt!

11. Decorations

You could go two different ways with this idea: actual holiday decorations OR everyday home decor. In my opinion, this requires a good relationship with the bride/groom to ensure that the gift givers are purchasing things that are in accordance with the couple’s design style. But if you know they have an empty wall that could use a sign or painting- what a great gift!


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