Everyone, meet Olivia and Justin! I first sat down with them in February over coffee, and within the first five minutes of chatting their love was so apparent to me. It wasn’t a flashy, new love feeling that I witnessed; rather- it was the comfort each other’s presence brought coupled with a trusting longevity that surpasses even my own with my husband! Yes, Olivia met Justin in her freshman math class, which gives them +/- 3 years on Domenick and me 😉 haha!

And because they have been together for a while, Olivia said she kind of knew the proposal was coming, but really wanted it to be a surprise! One day they were walking through Hart Park on their way to eat on the patio at Pizzeria Piccola in The Village. Justin just pulled her aside as they were walking to ask Olivia to marry him! She had no idea it was going to happen that day! It was perfect!

I am so excited for their wedding next August at the Bowery, one of Wisconsin’s newest barn wedding venues! I already know it’s going to be a perfect day full of lots of laughter and smiles 🙂


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