It’s the Fourth of July weekend, which for me means lots of family time at our cottage in northern Michigan! I am SO glad that I was able to time out our trip to Petoskey when my cousin Dan and his lovely wife Stephanie would also be at the cottage. They are some of the sweetest, kind-hearted people you will ever meet, and their baby boy has been long awaited. Taking some maternity photos of them in this exciting life stage was such a joy for me!

Dan and I are two months apart and attended the same school from 1st- 12th grade. We grew up spending the summers together watching Anchorman and building forts together out of blankets and chairs. And now that we both got married (two months apart!!), all four of us (Dan, Stephanie, Domenick, and me) have envisioned what life would be like to have our kids grow up alongside each other just like we did. Baby Ben has been prayed for intensely and is loved immensely! Dan and Stephanie are already such great parents, and I count myself lucky to be able to watch them parent Ben once he arrives.

I am so excited for when Ben will officially make his grand entrance to this world! Congrats guys!



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