It’s been a little bit since I’ve photographed a newborn, and what better way to get back into the newborn rhythm than with this little guy! He’s not just any baby, but the newest addition to the Tirabassi extended family! Little Jonny is the eighth great-grandchild in the family, and the cutest younger brother for Lilly. He bears his dad’s name, and as I’m told, also his features from the looks of his dad’s baby pictures.

Seeing this new family of four together and snuggling in front of my camera is so special for me. I truly believe every baby is an absolute wonder- there’s so much to every baby’s story that most people never hear. I know Jon Charles is a product of many prayers and his mother’s careful tending all throughout her pregnancy, and to see him here in our world is nothing short of an ordinary miracle.

Angela and Jon- your family is so, so beautiful! Cheers to the start of another newborn season of life and to many play dates for our kids in the future!! Congrats!


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