I had wanted to be a wedding photographer long before I ever said it out loud. And the first person I actually spoke the words, “I want to be a wedding photographer” to was Domenick. In general, he believes in me more than I believe in me, and was very excited that I had fiiiiinally verbalized what he had seen brewing for a while.

Soon after, he started to encourage me to reach out to some Milwaukee area photographers and see if I could pick their brains. This idea sounded downright TERRIFYING for my introverted self, and naturally- HE was the one that started googling photographers that looked like they might have coffee with me.

Enter: Chelsea. It was fate that brought us together, but Domenick clicked on her and read her bio. He knew she was perfect and he was right- she was (funny side note- she actually worked at the school he was placed at that semester, though he didn’t even realize it!). We met and long story short, she has been my #1 encourager and motivator to get my business from 0 to what I have now.

Taking these family portraits of Chelsea after they just welcomed their baby boy, Hugo, was nothing short of an honor! Chelsea is a natural encourager, empathizer, and empower-er. Their family is so dear to us, and I’m lucky to call them our friends. Enjoy seeing their lovely faces and meeting little baby Hugo!

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