When I first saw Erica the morning of her wedding, she was glowing. It wasn’t her freshly finished hair or make-up that was the reason; it was her joy. She appeared to love every part of the morning: being with her best friends, giggling in their matching robes, applying the last swipe of lip gloss. The time came to pack up and head over to her first look at St. Lorenz Church in Frankenmuth.

I love watching first looks between couples- I love seeing the emotion and relief and watching them just hold each other. Oftentimes it’s one of their only moments alone and away from chaos the whole day. I make a point to give them time together at this moment where I’m not clicking my shutter. I know it’s a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment and feeling, and I want them to savor it. When I saw Erica and Mitchell’s first look, I realized the source of Erica’s joy that I had been witnessing all day. Though she was excited that morning getting ready, so are many brides- it IS their wedding day, after all! But when I saw Mitchell just hold Erica, just the two of them, I knew that he was the source of her joy. It was his love that was her assurance, her security, her joy.

Erica and Mitchell had a beautiful ceremony and continued the celebration at Frankenmuth Brewery (Michigan’s oldest brewery!) in a room literally DRIPPING in flowers and eucalyptus leaves. The room was packed! There were periodic cheers, chants, and claps that showed their friends were here to CELEBRATE! It was clear that what I had witnessed earlier between Mitchell and Erica is something that their family and friends had been watching grow and flourish for years. It was Mitchell and Erica’s love that spilled into each and every person in the room, and they were all here to witness. Erica and Mitchell- continue to love each other in a way that provides each other joy and security to be your truest self, and keep inspiring all around you with that love. You are a blessing to so many! Prost!!


Literally STUNNING.

Wedding dress shop: Joy Abendmode // Wedding dress designer: Milla Nova // Hair/make-up: Breanne Williams // Bridesmaid dresses: Vera Wang // Shoes: Badgley Mischka // Groom’s tux: Calvin Klein // Invitations: Basic Invite // Programs: Basic Invite // Flowers: Bride’s Aunt // Cake: Family Friend // DJ: Joe with Rusch Entertainment


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