This past Sunday I had the opportunity to meet Cassidy and Alex just weeks before their wedding! We laughed and chatted throughout their whole session, and made me feel like we were old friends, not someone they had just met for the first time! It’s my guess that my interaction with them isn’t an anomaly- that most anyone that encounters them feels seen, known, and loved. How special it is to find your soulmate and to together create such a feeling of ease and hospitality.

Though Cassidy and Alex have dated for just a year, their families have been super close for forever. Cassidy has known of Alex her whole life, so when they finally decided to give the whole “dating thing” a try… it wasn’t long until they just knew. On one of their earlier dates, Cassidy and Alex had carved their initials on a covered bridge up in Cedarburg. Months later, they went back to that place with their parents and Alex popped the question!

I am so looking forward to your wedding just 17 DAYS AWAY now! Cassidy and Alex are tying the knot at Union Grove Church with a reception at the Shores of Turtle Creek to follow. I can’t wait to see you both again then!


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