When you’re in the market for a wedding photographer, you realize how important these images are– this event happens once in a lifetime! I take great care to ALWAYS have duplicates of my images at every step to ensure that the *unthinkable* never happens. There are multiple ways that I back up my images to ensure that they are never lost, and I wanted to walk you through that below!

1. I shoot to TWO different cards on a wedding day

This probably doesn’t mean much if you’re not a photographer yourself, but don’t worry, I’ll break it down. Basically, every time I take a photo, it’s being recorded and saved to TWO memory cards instead of just one. That way if one of the cards got corrupted, lost, or damaged, the other memory card acts as a back up and safety net.

2. I download them immediately

When I arrive home after a wedding, I immediately plug all of my cards into my computer and start downloading them. I take care to save them to my computer (so I can begin to edit them) but ALSO save the unedited photos to my Drobo aka my extra external storage unit.

3. I re-save the edited photos

Once I finish editing your photos, I export and back them up on my Drobo. So at this point, I have every single unedited photo saved as well as every edited photo that I will deliver in your gallery!

4. I upload them to PASSPlus to save for 10 Years!

PASSPlus acts as a FOURTH layer of protection! I never clear my memory cards of your photos until every one is uploaded to PASS. They guarantee to protect and save all of your gorgeous images for 10 years!! Still, I always tell my clients that it’s best to download all of your images and save them to your own computer right away 🙂


Hopefully this gives my past, present, and potential clients peace of mind to know that your images are safe with me!


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