As I got off the hospital elevator and started towards the nurse’s station, I saw Patty. She wore a huge, warm smile painted across her face, waved me over, and gave me a hug. She was glowing, and she had every right to be- today, Patty was taking her baby home.

What may sound like a normal step in the process of delivering a baby to you – “going home” – was very, very different for Patty and her husband, Justin. Patty had what is called HELLP syndrome, which for her manifested itself in the form of acute liver failure, haemolysis, and low platelets. Her scheduled ultrasound appointment alerted her doctors to what was going on, and her care team decided that it was time then for sweet Cora to enter the world at 27 weeks. A little after 6:00 pm on January 31, 2019, Cora Rebecca Hoisington was born at 1 lb 10.1 oz and 11.5 inches long.

So much has happened since that day, and I know it’s impossible for me to put into words just what Patty and Justin’s experience was like.  However, after spending two hours with them and hearing more of their story, I believe the bottom line of it all is steadfast love. Justin and Patty love unlike any that I’ve experienced. From the initial hug welcoming me into their “domain” to the extra thank you gifts they had for each of their doctors and nurses, their level of care and gratitude was palpable. The way they held, spoke to, and regarded each other was optimistic and inspiring. It was easy for me to see that Justin is Patty’s rock, and she is Justin’s. And despite the many ways I’m sure this experience has tried that love, to me- it has remained steadfast.

Patty and Justin- it was nothing short of an incredible honor to preserve these exciting memories for you! Thank you for trusting me with this job, and for being a sign to all of what steadfast love looks like. I am SO excited to watch Cora grow up alongside you, and am confident she was blessed with just about the BEST parents in the entire world. Congratulations on finally sharing a roof with your beautiful baby daughter!!!

I think this is my favorite picture out of all- you can just *FEEL* the deep love and connection the three of you have


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