Everyone, meet Tatum!! He’s the first baby (besides Anastasia) in my circle of friends and I have to say it is SO SWEET to have another baby snuggle! Even better, it has been so rewarding to watch one of my best friends navigate motherhood like a pro 🙂 Throughout her pregnancy, Mal and I would lament over how hard it was to find good boy names. It feels to us like there are two categories: “super-traditional-classic like John” or “trendy-modern-millennial-made-up names like Paxtyn.” I’m not hating on the Johns or Paxtyns of the world, but for Mal (and me!), it felt like our name style was somewhere right in the middle of the two. Not to mention the task of finding a name that goes with their last name, Fewell (pronounced “fuel”). That nixed my name suggestions like Otto and Ford from the start 😂

So when they announced little Tatum Robert had arrived, I was so excited! Tatum is the perfect mix of style and rarity they were looking for, and Robert is the name of Mallory’s beloved grandpa (or as we all knew of him, “Bompa” 💗).  Mal took on natural birth like a champ and now her and Tyler are parents to the most perfect, squishy little peanut ever! During my day with them, it was so incredible to watch Mal and Tyler parent together. It felt like they were both new warriors and seasoned veterans, all at the same time. Maybe it’s that they are new to nighttime diaper changes or shushing a fussy baby, but they are seasoned veterans when it comes to loving, caring, tending for anyone- most especially, baby Tatum.

I have no doubt that little Tatum hit the freaking JACKPOT when it comes to his parents, grandparents, family, and three adoring “aunties” 😉 He will inevitably grow up with more love than he can almost stand, and I can’t wait to watch his life unfold before our eyes. Without further adieu, here’s Tatum!!

  1. Laura says:

    They are so very beautiful Christie ❤️
    You truly have a gift and Mallory & Tyler are so lucky to have you as a friend and as a photographer who would trek from Milwaukee!

    • Christi Tirabassi says:

      Thank you so much!! It was so great to be there in person with those three 🙂 They are so dear to me!


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