The summer following graduation was a whirlwind. Right after graduation, it was my full time job to find a full time job. And while my degree was meant for me to become a middle or high school English teacher, that wasn’t necessarily the job I wanted to do right then. I looked into many different options- working for a ministry called YoungLife, retail, being an au pair in Europe (not kidding!), as well as teaching. At the same time, I was transitioning from living with my three best friends in our own house in Chicago to moving back in with my parents and younger sister in a suburban Michigan town. Going through all of these changes, I needed someone to talk to and process everything with. Believe it or not, that person ended up being Domenick- the one who I had always had very deep, intellectual conversations with from the very start. 

That summer kept very busy. I traveled internationally with my Grandpa for the trip of a lifetime and started running the summer camps for Forge Flint, a ministry that I still love and support 100%! Later that year, I ended up taking a job working for Forge. It felt like this job was made for me and my stage in life at that point. 

My grandpa and I in Germany

I bet you didn’t think I knew how to scrape off tar paper and old shingles! This was during my time with Forge, where we provided under-resourced families in Flint, MI with free home repairs


My whirlwind of a summer lasted well into the fall. And while all of this was going on in my life, there was equally as much happening in Domenick’s. He discerned out of seminary during his first semester of graduate studies. While I won’t go into detail here, that process for him was incredibly arduous and thorough. 

During his time of leave, we both felt called into a deeper relationship than what had began years ago as a strong friendship. After more discerning and long conversations, we began dating and our lives were never the same!

In Part VI I’m putting all the puzzle pieces together- how people living states apart were brought together. Click here to read!



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