It’s always fun to recap a wedding season by how my brides and grooms chose to accent their day. For me, I love to see trends that couples adopt for their wedding day and the times when they stick to tradition. My couples this year were a fun mix of both, and you can see what they favored below!


67% chose NOT to have a first look

I guess my brides are still loving that feeling of making their man wait to see her in all her glory as she waltzes down the aisle toward him!


50% wrote their own vows and 50% used traditional vows (a tie!!)

In this particular wedding, I love how Bridget and Don actually did both! They read vows they wrote and then took traditional Catholic wedding vows.


78% had long bridesmaids dresses

Yes, even in the summer months! The extra does of formality that a floor-length dress brings is unparalleled in my book!


78% of grooms opted for ties over bow ties

This one shocked me as I was tallying it up!! In my head, I thought bow ties were the clear winner, but obviously I was way off!


89% had a church/ indoor ceremony vs an outdoor ceremony 

I’m wondering how many of my brides were deterred from doing an outdoor ceremony because of the chance of bad weather? I bet this number would be higher if I lived in FL!


67% still opted for cake over a non-traditional dessert

I mean, you can’t go wrong with ANY dessert in my opinion, but Amy’s cake from this season was the most beautifully decorated cake I’ve seen!


What to keep an eye out for in 2019…

Light blue over blush bridesmaids dresses


Lush greenery for centerpieces (I hope this is a trend for the next 20 years!! Ahh, love!)


Eucalyptus in bouquets


Simple yet classic wedding dresses (a la Meghan Markle!)


A rise of solitaire rings (and moving away from halos)


Only time will tell if I’m spot on with my predictions! I can’t wait to see what all of my 2019 brides come up with!!


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