Part of me doesn’t even want to attempt to write about these friends and their baby and just skip right to their maternity pictures… I fear I won’t be able to put into words just how dear they are to me, and how much their sweet baby has been hoped and prayed for. But here I go, attempting anyways!

Megan and Michael are some of our dearest friends. I met Megan when she was newly engaged and I was newly married. I was lucky enough to attend her wedding, and she walked with me every step through my pregnancy. Together we have experienced many highs and lows of life, and it is so sweet to now be able to revel in this joy with you both. This baby has been fervently prayed for by so many people, and I excitedly await his coming next February! Megan and Michael- you are going to be such godly, compassionate, involved parents, and I am so excited to see you embrace this new part of your life’s journey together. I can’t wait to meet Baby V!


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