Last month, I was lucky enough to be a guest in Youth & Yarrow’s bright and airy Chicago studio. Carolyn has turned her passion of all things floral into a business that aims to both mentor and one day employ Chicago’s youth. 15% of every order goes directly to promoting change in the Uptown neighborhood and equal opportunity for high schoolers in the community. This spring, they are hitting the streets in a beautiful teal flower truck! I’m so sad it was a rainy, bleak day when I was in town because this truck is the cutest thing ever (I guess I’ll have to come back and take some pictures again soon, oh darn!). Youth & Yarrow deliver flowers to Chicago and serve weddings both locally and beyond! You can check out more of their work at Enjoy these behind the scenes views of Carolyn doing her thang and making these incredible bouquets.

Even their floors are beautiful!


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