Brace yourself for this one. I’m not sure any heart can handle the CUTENESS that is about to unfold! As I’ve mentioned before, motherhood in general has made me so much more sensitive, especially when it comes to babies and kids (last week I teared up at a Sea World commercial, no joke!). So when I get a front row seat to watch people I love become more of who they were made to be, particularly as parents, it is so so special. Attilio was just a mere 12 days old and such a great model. He slept peacefully most of the time I was there, opening his eyes now and then just to make sure I was paying attention 😉 His older sister Grace added her own sparkle to the shoot as well, flashing me a smile here and there and gazing very protectively at her little brother. I am so lucky to call these lovely people my family. Rachel and Nate, parenthood has never looked so good!

It’s tiring being so cute!

He’s definitely got some Italian in him!! 🙂

  1. Aunt gina m. Tirabassi says:

    Such beautiful pictures of attillo james, grace, Nathan and Rachel all and. Best wishes, aunt gina m. Tirabassi


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