Here we go… the post no one comes to my blog for but you’ll get anyways 😉 What I hope you glean from the following images is: 1) a view of how much I love my job 2) a view of how much I love my clients 3) a view into what a “day in the life” looks like (I think that stuff is interesting for any profession!). As I was compiling the photos for this post, I realized that there were about 50 photos from 2022 that I never posted for the 2022 BTS… so you’ll get to see those long lost photos here (sorry, Fall/ Winter 2022 couples!).

It goes without saying that I wouldn’t have any of the following photos without my lovely second shooters! They are such an integral part of the Christi Elizabeth Photography brand, and these gals love on my couples like they are their own- I couldn’t do it without them! Thank you Brittney, Sabrina, Haley, Callie, Hallie, Emily, and Anna! You’ll get to see a few pics of them at the end 😉

These were some of the 2022 photos- I was about 8 weeks pregnant here with Gianni, hadn’t told anyone yet!

loooove this shot! Not letting a stray squirt of mustard anywhere near your dress 😉

Forever willing to put your shoes on for you!

prepping for the first look!

love my front seat spot during your wedding ceremony

First wedding back after Gianni was born, 4 weeks pp!

probably saying how good the bridesmaids were looking! 

always here to hold your dress…

and play third wheel like it’s my job (cuz it is!)

100% telling Brittney to not let me walk backwards into the lake lol

Christi in the wild…literally

the makings of the dreamy veil shots you always see!

apparently VERY serious about documenting this reception on IG lol   

Brides: if only you knew how much time and/or stress goes into photographing the grand march! “Where are they coming in from? Where will they do their special little dance?” Brittney caught this mid- I-think-they-will-come-in-this-way and won’t let me exclude this stunner from the bunch haha

The makings of the famous elevator shot!

Wish I remembered to take pictures with each couple but it’s so hard with everything going on! This year I have exactly a photo with 14% of my couples lol. Better luck in 2024!


Some of my beautiful second shooters! Regrettably, I don’t have a picture of everyone- and some of these photos aren’t the best, but I just love these people so much! They make work not feel like work! Petition to take glamor shots of my seconds in 2024 has officially been started!

Brittney and I- slowly morphing into each other, belt bags and all

I will be eternally grateful to Sabrina and Brittney for taking the BEST care of my couple when I had a wedding 4 weeks pp. I shot most of the day but left for the reception and they totally killed it. They’re just the best.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed a small peek into what life as the photographer on a wedding day is like! I will forever be pinching myself that this is my job- I love it so much. Thank you to my 2023 seconds and couples, you made it a wonderful year!

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    The best photographer out there!!


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