Brace yourselves for this one because there’s a WHOLE lot of magic in these photos! Meet Kayla and Jestin. These two met in 2018 after being set up by Kayla’s co-worker (who is now Jesse’s uncle’s wife- so cool!). Jesse and Kayla can attest to the sheer number of times I took a photo of them, looked at my camera, and said, “OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS PERFECT” and now you can see why!! The woods we shot in literally look like they’re sparkling, and I couldn’t think of a better place for these two and their engagement photos.

Kayla and Jesse are getting married at the beautiful Delafield Hotel, and I’m counting down the months until it’s wedding day for these two! Enjoy some favorites of their engagement session, and then come back in May to see their wedding shots! I already know they’re going to be stunning!


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