Choosing your veil for your wedding day can be WAY more challenging that it sounds! There are so many different types of veils, on top of finding one that works well for photos. Throughout wedding season, you’ll see my classic “veil shots” sprinkled all throughout my work. It’s such a fun part of the wedding day photo process: snuggling under your veil, kissing while your veil flies behind you– they make for some of my favorite photos of the day! It’s my hope that this post will not only bring insight to what the best veils for wedding photos are, but also make you super excited to take some of these photos too!

We will talk both length and style– I can’t wait to see what kind of veil you are drawn to for your wedding day!


There are multiple different lengths for veils, but the most popular are: elbow, fingertip, chapel, and cathedral. My philosophy is the longer the better 😉 I’ll show you examples of the different veil lengths and then we can talk about how that relates to your photos.


shoulder length veil\


elbow length veil


fingertip veil


chapel length wedding veil


cathedral length veil

All in all, we can take veil pictures with any length veil. However; if you are hoping for one of those veil flowing in the wind pictures, shorter veils are much harder to do that with and have it still look natural/ glamourous. From a photo standpoint, the best veil is one that gives us plenty of fabric to work with! One thing I’d go back and change about my wedding is my veil length- I wore a fingertip veil (it was my best friend’s veil and also my something borrowed, so it didn’t lack significance!) but would totally choose a cathedral length veil now.

Types of Designs

After you select your veil length, you have another decision to make: what style you want. You’ll probably take into consideration which type of veil goes with your dress. Here’s a few different types to consider!


beaded wedding veil beaded wedding veil

Slight Edge Detail

wedding veilwedding veil


cathedral length lace edge veil


plain wedding veil

Obviously the style of your veil is very unique to your own sense of style/ your dress’s style. One thing to think about is the weight of your veil (I know it seems like we are getting suuuuper nit-picky here, but hang with me!). Some beaded veils are super heavy- they fall so fast it’s almost impossible to capture them floating in the wind (it’s more like snap a pic mid-fall!). Other veils are so light that, on a windy day, get tossed around too much. A nice weight at the edge (like a lace rim) can be the perfect combo- you have some weight pulling it down, but not too quickly.

Ultimately, your veil will be your own and that will make it beautiful <3 I offer these tips just as something to think about as you’re going through the process. I’ve yet to meet a veil I didn’t love! They all add such a nice touch to your photos (both of you and of your details- I LOVE using veils to layer detail shots!). Happy shopping!!


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