I don’t normally blog many personal events in my life, but in this case I had my good camera with me and thought why not!! Fall is my favorite season (even if I was a little flat-footed in welcoming it this year since our summer was so long awaited!) and our yearly trip to Basse’s is pretty much tradition now!

I love looking at the pictures from this year and last year side by side because so much has changed. Last year, the highlight of the trip was the corn kernel “beach” where Anastasia could just sit and touch the kernels. She couldn’t even walk or stand on her own yet, hence the pumpkin prop in her “how tall this fall?” picture 😂This year, her favorite was the [very tall and very fast] slide. By the end of the day she was going down it alone and screaming with glee every time.

We bought a bag of home grown apples there that I brought back and used to make my first caramel apple pie of the season (here’s my recipe– I absolutely SWEAR by it!) and ate it this morning 🙂 All in all, it was a great second year for the books. Enjoy a few of the pictures I snapped!

The difference one year makes! Hard to believe!!

The corn kernel beach is virtually all she was old enough to do last year… but this year it was her warm up for everything else! It was still a hit though!

She would’ve gone down this slide 100 times if we let her. The first 5 times she went down on my lap, and then after fighting to get free, I let her try to go by herself and she LOVED it! She went the rest of the time by herself but with Gigi next to her 🙂


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