It’s finally October! Fall is my favorite season, and it seems like it’s officially here now that it’s October. Though I love most everything about this month, that’s not why October 1st is important to me. The real reason behind the significance of this day? October 1st is St. Therese’s feast day.

There are so many ways in which St. Therese has affected my life, so I’ll list a few below to honor her today. They are just snippets of much longer stories, but hopefully they encourage you in the many ways the saints are always interceding for us!

When I was in 7th grade, I was deeply affected by the life and writings of St. Therese (also known as St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Therese of the Child Jesus). Because of that, I chose her as my confirmation saint. It seems that ever since then, she has been walking with me in a special way, and her significance to me has grown into a deep devotion.

My grandmother’s name is Therese, and she is the person who modeled to me a mature faith life when I was growing up. St. Therese was her namesake, and so my grandmother also had a deep devotion to her.

Not the greatest photo, but these are my grandparents when they were my age!


Before we were engaged, Domenick and I both (independent of each other) had very radical signs from St. Therese on her feast day that we were being called into marriage as opposed to other vocations.

Four years ago, Domenick and I got engaged on the weekend of St. Therese’s feast day. We made a retreat to a church that had a chapel dedicated to her (if you want the full story, you can read my proposal story here!).  Additionally, Domenick chose a ring that has a flower on the side gallery of the ring. If you’re familiar with St. Therese, you know how important flowers are to her!! Sometimes she is even referred to as St. Therese of the Little Flower.


When we found out our first child was a girl, we knew that we would honor St. Therese by using her name. You can read more about the meaning behind Anastasia Therese’s name here!

Our little flower, then and now!


A month after we got married, I made a pilgrimage to France to see where St. Therese lived. I was able to visit both the house/town she was born in, her childhood house and down, the basilica there dedicated to her, as well as the convent that she died in. Seeing these places in real life had a profound and lasting affect on me, as you can imagine!

The house she was born in- Alençon, France

Her parish in Alençon- how fitting that they were selling flowers outside of it!

St. Therese’s childhood home where she spent the majority of her life growing up- Lisieux, France

My mom and I in the garden behind her house

St. Therese’s Basilica in Lisieux

The Carmelite convent where she died

I hope hearing more of my story has blessed you! St. Therese is known for sending a rose as a sign that she has heard your prayer, that God is responding. For more about her incredible, albeit short (she died at age 25), this is a great resource, or reach out to me! I’d love to share more about this person who means so much to me! Praying for you and the intentions you hold in your heart today.

  1. Lizzy Milton says:

    This is such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing your journey! I loved working with you at Vera, and I hope that all is well with you and your little family! Many blessings!

  2. Jenny says:

    I have known of your love for St. Therese since you were little. Hearing your story brings it all together. Beautiful pictures that I remember so well! It is no wonder that your beautiful Anastasia will carry on her name!


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