I did the math in my head as I drove to their engagement session. It had been 9 years since Ainsley and I had last laced up our soccer cleats together 😱It’s hard to believe it had been that long! Still, when I hopped out of the car and hugged both of them, it felt like no time at all had passed. We were in the middle of Holly Recreational State Park in Michigan, and the woods there are unparalleled compared to what we have here in Milwaukee! I was grateful that the forecast (which said thunderstorms all evening) was wrong and that our cancelled session was quickly back on- and these images show just what kind of goodness was waiting for us!

Ainsley and I played on the same high school soccer team, and during the session I found out that Michael also had algebra class with my brother! Living in Milwaukee, it’s not very often that I get to photograph people I know, much less people I knew in high school! It was special to be able to reminisce with them about the “good ol days” (I guess I am old enough to use that phrase!!).

Ainsley is graduating from nursing school this year and Michael currently works as a fireman/ paramedic. They are getting married this September in Cadillac, MI at the Stahl Event Barn. To say I’m excited is a big understatement! It’s the perfect place for their rustic-chic wedding, with beautiful grounds, fields, and obviously- a barn 🙂 Counting down until we are together again, Ainsley and Michael!


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