I get it. If you’re not a “picture person” (or if your fiance isn’t a picture person), then getting engagement photos taken might feel unnecessary, daunting, or at worst- terrifying. Kissing while a stranger takes your photo probably isn’t at the top of your list of how to spend your free Thursday night! However– I hope to convince you by the end of this post why engagement sessions are still worth it, even if the thought of them seems a little scary!

1.) We build a relationship together

I only interact in person with my couples 2-3 times throughout the whole process (which is unfortunate because I love hanging out with my couples!): once at a client meeting prior to booking (if we have one), once at your engagement session, and once at your wedding. Any time we spend together is precious and helps to put everyone at ease when it comes to portrait time. I work hard to establish a friendship with my couples so it doesn’t feel like some random stranger taking pictures of you!


2. It’s warm-up for the wedding day

Your engagement session gives you ample time to get comfortable in front of my camera and get used to getting your picture taken professionally. Most of my couples admit the last time they got professional photos taken was their Senior photos in high school! During our session, I will teach you a few poses that we will also do on the wedding day so when the wedding day comes, all you have to focus on is each other!

3. You’ll commemorate this special season in your lives

Engagement doesn’t last forever!! When you get married, you forever turn the page on your lives as two separate people. A lot of things may change, like where you live or your last name! The time you spend engaged is unique– you’re right on the cusp of a huge life change, yet you have a period of time to prepare for it first. You’re committed but not officially official. You’re in love like you’ve never been, and when you get married, that love will change and grow, get stronger and deeper. What I’m trying to say is that whether your engagement lasts a few months or 2 years, it’s my opinion you should take advantage of getting a few photos taken to remember this sweet time in your lives. Plus- when has having extra professional photos of you and your forever partner ever been a bad thing?!

Finally, I’m proud to say that most hesitant grooms (and sometimes brides!) very often tell me at the end of their engagement session, “I’m so glad we decided to do this!” and “This wasn’t bad at all– actually it was kinda fun!” That’s my ultimate goal- for you to have fun while we get to know each other and find our groove with my camera. I hope to see you and your fiance at a session soon!


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