I am SO excited to introduce to you Miss Emersen Joy. She arrived just hours before her actual due date, and Mom said that labor wasn’t that bad- that it was pretty much how she expected it to be (what a champ!!). Emersen is just 2 weeks old and was so good as I took her photos! Her big brother Dexter even got in on the fun 🙂

After having been through labor, delivery, and life with a newborn myself, there is something so magical now to me about newborns. I love that I am able to photograph a few every year, and they never cease to leave me in awe of God and his Creation. I look at the little toes and slightly pouted lips and know I am observing nothing short of a miracle. Thank you to Sam, Conner, Emersen, and Dexter for allowing me into such a sweet, exciting time of your lives! I wish you love, happiness, and as much sleep as possible with a newborn on your hands 😉


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