I am SO excited to share this post with everyone! Throughout the whole process of planning this proposal to actually shooting it, I was thinking of how lucky I am to be the one to capture these incredibly special and sacred memories for my family. I get to be the one to preserve a family’s legacy with their Christmas card photo, capture the way the newest baby of the family looks when they are just days old, and now- photograph my sister (in law, but we don’t really use that 😉 ) as the man of her dreams proposed to her. 

Drew approached me with his carefully articulated plan to propose over a month ago, and I was so excited to be a small part of the process. We met a few weeks out to scope out the perfect place for me to hide and how to set everything up, which made the real deal go so smoothly!

Drew set up a wine-and-paint night at the Racine Arts Council, the class being taught by none other than his Grandma Abbott. She was teaching a specific technique where you paint on glass, and had already painted a special, secret painting to slip Drew, one that said “Will you marry me?”

Part of the way through their class, Drew and Tricia paused to show each other their progress. Tricia was making way on her frog, however she was shocked to see Drew show her one with those four words on it! According to Tricia, after she read the sign about 200 times making sure it said what she thought, it started to sink in! She didn’t notice me until Drew pointed me out (though I was in plain sight) because she was so wrapped up in the moment. We celebrated, got freshened up, and then headed to Roberts Roost where all of their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them.

Tricia and Drew- I am so happy for both of you, and look forward to walking alongside you both through the journey of lifelong partnership that you’ve just begun. I am honored to be able to preserve these sweet memories for you, and hope you look back on them and remember the amount of love every person pictured has for you two. I love you so much!

This wouldn’t have been possible without Ariana’s help! From hiding the video camera to faking the bathroom malfunction so I could hide in there 🙂
Drew bought two rings- one for Tricia, and one for Tricia’s daughter Ariana. Too sweet!


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