My 2018 wedding season has officially come to a close! And while you may be accustomed to reading my blog or scrolling through a post and seeing all of the pretty, curated images, this, my friends, is NOT that kind of post! I love seeing the “behind the scenes” of really anything- I’m an HGTV addict- so I thought this would be a fun way to showcase the side of the wedding day I don’t show often.

Before we dive in, just a little word of gratitude. This time last December I was two weeks away from delivering my first child. I was teaching high school English on the south side of Milwaukee and stayed late to coach the girls basketball team whose season started in November. I remember vividly spending my last weeks at school planning out the spring semester- marking when I would return, counting down the weeks from the end of maternity leave to summer break. I had no idea that my last day teaching was my last (for now, at least), but through months of discernment post-baby, it became more and more clear that God was leading me down a new path.

I had peace about leaving my teaching job, but that didn’t quell the anxieties that come with losing your main source of income for your family. Yet, I felt fully called into my role as a stay at home mother, and chose to (more or less blindly) follow God’s lead. I put every ounce of faith that He would provide for our family the way no one could foresee at the moment because at that point, I really had no other option.

Regeni + Aaron, Kelsey + Paul, Jennifer + Gustavo, Amanda + Chris, Amy + Calvin, Bridget + Don- you have been and will continue to be reminders to me over and over again of not just God’s provision in my life, but of His tender care and concern for every single person. The couples that were brought into my life this year (and not just the ones that had weddings in 2018!) are nothing short of repeated miracles and subsequent blessings to me. I tear up MULTIPLE times during the wedding day looking out at the floor of dancing guests or a bride and her groom and think *how did I land this DREAM job!???!* So thank you to every beautiful couple that I’ve met, my gratitude to you is endless.

Now- here are all the outtakes!

directing air traffic or posing a bridal party? please vote

Making friends with the wedding guests (is she my aunt or your aunt? The world may never know!)

Christi Elizabeth Photography: Professional Flower Holder

Love when a bride’s passion for iced coffee makes a wedding day debut

Don’t mind me- just making my own front row seat to your ceremony

DISCLAIMER: No brides were harmed in the making of these portraits

The picture that made my husband cringe and then scold me. If only I had 3 hands…

Oh hey, a third hand!! Enter: Christi’s fancy camera holder

Shooting details on a wedding day is one of my favorite parts!

Trying my best to be stealthy during cocktail hour. How else am I supposed to catch your guests laughing candidly mid-sentence?!

probably gushing to them about how cute they are

Professional dress fluffer

Always a win when I remember to take a photo with my couples. In this case, just Bridget. Still a win! Thankful for this client-turned-friend!

Just me explaining how you should cut your wedding cake #bossy

Also happy to warm my brides when temperatures dip below freezing. I was cold in my parka so this bride and her tribe were straight heroes.


Last but certainly not least, thank you to my amazing second shooters Kristen, Abby, Kassie, and my beloved hubby Domenick. The day doesn’t run smoothly without you!

*ps I can’t believe this is the only picture I could find of Kristen… I will be more diligent next year I promise!


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