Traci and Scott are total champs. We’ve had their engagement session scheduled for October 1 for the entire summer, as they live in Cincinnati now and planned a wedding to-do trip to WI. What no one could’ve known was that Monday (and this whole week, really) was 100% rain all day. I was nervous that Traci and Scott might have to plan another trip back to take photos, or that they would be afraid of getting a little wet, and I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the start, they were both so go-with-the-flow about everything and told me they were totally prepared to get rained on in order to “get the shot.” I couldn’t have appreciated this more, and thankfully it didn’t come down to that! We managed to get through their session with just a little mist, but the covered walkways of the Pabst helped out too.

Which brings me to their location suggestions! If you already read the caption of their sneak peek, you know that Traci grew up coming to the Pabst Theater for her dance recitals. I love that they wanted to honor parts of who they are with where they took their photos. We even snagged some shots by the Stage Door entrance which is *literally* the door Traci used! SO special! I’m in love with the Pabst and its gold doors and pristine architecture which made for the most gorgeous portraits. Scott attended grad school at Marquette University, and to pay homage to that, we ended our session at the Pere Marquette Park across the river (campus was a liiiiiittle too far for us to walk to!) that he recalls passing when out for runs many times. I thought it was such an amazing coincidence (or maybe it was just fate!) that Scott, who grew up in Virginia went to grad school 30 minutes away from Traci’s family (completely unknowingly), and Traci, who grew up just south of Milwaukee, went to school 30 minutes away from Scott’s family at Virginia Tech (also unknowingly!)!! They met later on at Virginia Tech and have since relocated to Cincinnati, but are returning to the great state of Wisconsin for their Lake Geneva nuptials next May.

Traci and Scott are warm, fun, and relaxed. I love Scott’s natural inclination to love on her (he literally beat me to the pose 3x while we were shooting!) and Traci seems to be his absolute perfect fit. It was so great to officially meet, Traci and Scott (and to sneak a peek at a picture of Traci’s wedding dress!! Spoiler: it’s GORG!). I am counting down the days until we are all reunited on the shores of Lake Geneva!


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