Here we are!! A collection of my favorite and best images from the 2022 wedding season. It brings me great joy curating this post, reliving some of the best parts of 2022’s weddings. I’m also again reminded of the gratitude I have for the couples that allow me to be a part of their day- thank you thank you thank you!! It’s a joy to shoot at both well-loved venues and new-to-me places, and this year provided ample of both!

When I’m in “wedding season mode,” I have my head down to edit-blog-deliver every wedding as efficiently as I can. Because I focus so much on completing the tasks in a timely fashion (and not falling behind!), I don’t always get to savor the images and art I create. I think that might be one reason I LOVE these “best of” posts- I get to slow down and really appreciate the images that I take. Also, I get to share so many more of my favorites than the few I post on my IG throughout the year. I hope you find some of your own new favorites too!

And with that- I hope you enjoy looking through the BEST of 2022’s wedding photos! Cheers to an incredible year: we did it!



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