I am SO excited to share Jenna and Michael’s Big Foot Country Club wedding with you all! This wedding was stunning in so many ways. Everyone looked gorgeous, the flowers were to DIE for, and there was a live band performing to boot! The forecast for the day went back and forth, and in the end- there was surprise mist that somehow evaded all the radars we were checking. Jenna and Michael had envisioned an outdoor ceremony all along, and so they ended up going for it- mist and all- and I couldn’t have been happier that they did! Their ceremony photos turned out so beautifully, and unless you catch a picture of someone holding an umbrella, you’d never even know that it was raining.

By the end of the day, Jenna was telling me their new saying (theme? slogan?) was “rain or shine.” As an English major myself, I can’t help but love a good metaphor. And this “rain or shine” saying truly sums up the bare bones of a solid marriage. There will be both rain and shine in a marriage (maybe daily! definitely weekly!) – and saying yes on your wedding day is also saying yes to being there in all the future rainy days to come. Jenna and Michael put this theory into practice day one of the marriage and I can’t think of a better way to start life off- next to each other, dancing in the rain.

Jenna and Michael- thank you for letting me be the one who stood by you to document the first best day of your marriage 🙂 It was so fun to be there with you, and here’s to many more days- rain or shine- spent alongside each other. I hope you’re living it up in Italy! Enjoy the first of many wedding photo favorites!

Venue: Big Foot Country Club // Wedding dress shop: All About the Gown // Wedding dress designer: Rachel Rose Bridal // Wedding Planner: Graceful Events // Bakery: Bries Bakery // Band: Band Soda // Florist: Frontier Flowers of Fontana // Hair: Lucca Salon // Makeup: Pretty Crazy Beautiful // Linens: Miceli Drapery Co. // Photo booth: Pixster Photo booth // Videographer: ValCinema Weddings

  1. Claire Trumpy says:

    This is so beautiful! You captured so much happiness in this wedding day!


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