There’s a reason why everyone wants to take their engagement photos (or really any photos) in the fall. If you time it right, you will catch THEE most beautiful trees, leaves, and colors all year long! In this case, Abby and Kevin timed it perfectly to have the quintessential fall photos, while also having temps in the 50s (which is pretty good for Milwaukee!). I had such a great time taking their engagement photos at Seven Bridges Park just south of Milwaukee. I loved that Abby picked Seven Bridges not justtt for its beauty, but for it’s sentimentality too. She grew up just blocks away, and frequently visited Seven Bridges during her childhood. I could tell she knew it well by how she guided us through its many paths and found the most picturesque spots it offers!

Abby and Kevin met in college and proposed five years later this May. While Abby thought they were meeting her parents for dinner at Harbor House downtown, it was really a part of the proposal. They decided to kill time as they waited for their table walking along the lakeshore path outside. All of the sudden, Abby noticed their dog, Jax, running down the path! When he got to her, she realized he was wearing a dog collar that said, “Marry Me?” I love that Jax also got to make a cameo in their engagement photos since he was such an integral part of the proposal too!

Abby and Kevin are getting married next September at Milwaukee’s Discovery World and I. cannot. wait. Until then, enjoy their engagement photos!!


  1. Gordon Krueger says:

    Beautiful pictures, congratulations.


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