Kate and Daniel’s session was pure magic ✨And I have to give Kate all the credit for finding and choosing this perfect location (Frame Park’s Formal Gardens in Waukesha)- I’d never shot here before but I will definitely be coming back! The light was so dreamy and perfectly matched their outfits- a gorgeous pink maxi dress to top! And I didn’t even mention the fact that Kate brought along FLOWERS!! If you know me, you know that I love flowers and believe that they take a great portrait and make it near-perfect. Kate snagged a bridesmaid bouquet from a wedding they attended the day prior (which I thought was so creative) and brought it along to our shoot. When I saw it I definitely did a little happy dance!

I LOVE Kate and Daniel’s proposal story, so I have to share! They had recently taken up the hobby of wood working and were undertaking a very big project – a dresser for Kate’s apartment. Dan decided that he wanted to propose and incorporate the dresser into it! They were going on date night and he surprised Kate with bringing the finished dresser over to get into her place. As Dan was moving it, he set it down to “adjust his grip,” and said he got inspired for their next project and blueprints were in the top drawer. Kate open the drawer and see a paper that said “blueprints for our life” and Dan got on his knee! He asked if she was willing to take on their biggest project to date and if she would marry him! So unique and special for them!!

I loved watching how comfortable Kate and Daniel were around each other. You can see that they’ve definitely found “home” in each other, and that was so special for me to observe. But on top of that, they are joyful, kind, and have been so excited for every step of the process which just makes it THAT much more fun for me! I can’t wait for their wedding next year at Marquette’s Gesu (one of the locations of their first date) and reception at The Legend at Brandybrook. If the engagement session is any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be SO beautiful!!


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