One hand held the microphone and the other held a card. He read the card, given to him that morning from his bride. No, it wasn’t Don reading the card, but “Poppy,” Bridget’s grandfather. As the words rang out through the room, people grew a little more hushed, smiled a little sweeter, watching a little more intently. The chandeliers twinkled almost as if in response to the moment’s tenderness, and tears even gathered in the eyes of some guests as what we were all witnessing on that cold November night at the Milwaukee Athletic Club truly sank in. Poppy read the words his wife had written to him earlier that day- gratitude for their love, promises to stick together through the good and bad, and hope for many more years of togetherness- as a blessing over his granddaughter’s marriage that had just started, and the beauty of the moment was unmistakeable.

It’s not every day that people meet couples that have been married for 55 years. Especially in today’s world, that is nothing short of a true miracle. Bridget and Don chose to get married last Friday on Bridget’s grandparent’s 55th wedding anniversary. Wow! Even as I type that now, I am struck by what an accomplishment spending 55 years of life’s inevitable highs and lows with the same person is. I love that Bridget and Don will now share this anniversary, and how Poppy and Nana’s legacy has set the stage for their marriage so beautifully.

This day was incredible from start to finish. Bridget and Don got married at Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, just a few blocks from the Milwaukee Athletic Club which hosted their reception. Their mass centered their marriage on forgiveness, generosity, and love but also called us, the guests, to be inspired by this marriage’s symbol of virtue in the world. That’s one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer (and there are MANY!)- each ceremony has a unique way of bringing my mind back to my own marriage, and this was no exception. I thought of the ways that I am grateful for my own husband and ways I could be a better wife, but mostly how he is my “person” to live alongside for the rest of forever. That’s a pretty powerful decision to make- and to stand alongside Bridget and Don as they made that same commitment? That’s an incredible honor. That’s what makes me keep asking myself, “How did I get so lucky?! Do I have the best job ever or do I have the best job EVER!?”

Bridget and Don, walking through this season with you has been pure joy from start to finish! You two care so much about the people surrounding you and your warmth and kindness is contagious. I love you both so. much. and wish the best for you as you embark on this lifelong journey!

Everyone should have a live event painter at their wedding! Katie Geis ROCKED IT!

I love it when my brides actually DANCE!

Wedding dress shop: The White Dress Boutique // Wedding dress designer: Matthew Christopher // Hair: Platinum Salon in Burlington // Make-up: Ashley Wachel // Bridesmaid dresses: Bella Bridesmaids Milwaukee // Shoes: Badgley Mischka // Groom’s tux: Harleys: A Modern Man Store Shorewood // Invitations: Minted // Flowers:  Belle Fiori // Cake: French Girl Baking // DJ: Sound By Design // Videographer: Sound By Design // Venue: Milwaukee Athletic Club // Ring Box: Mrs. Box // Live Event Painter: Katie Geis


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