I was so excited when Harry and Eva asked me to photograph their engagement session! These friends are very dear to my heart (and Domenick’s!). Harry was a groomsman in our wedding, so now to have the tables turned and have a front row seat to his love story has been such a treat. Ironically enough, I was there the night Harry first met Eva while she was visiting Kenosha over Thanksgiving break. Little did I know that months later, the three of us would be spending a Sunday afternoon in the beautiful Milwaukee Domes for their engagement photos!

The Milwaukee Domes (also called the Mitchell Park Domes sometimes) is such a cool place to photograph for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it allows you to have that beautiful natural light in your photos in the middle of winter. This session took place at the end of February. Anyone knows that February in Wisconsin is a big no-no for outdoor pictures. However, here we could get the look and feel of the outdoors without ever needing to put on a jacket! Also, you’ll notice that there are three different domes to photograph in. The show dome has rows of planted flowers and is more set up to facilitate a wedding ceremony, so I didn’t shoot in there at all. The other two domes I was all over! There is a desert dome with an arid climate- lots of cacti and desert rocks. We started in there because the other dome is super humid and I didn’t want Eva’s hair coming uncurled before we were done! The other dome is a jungle dome with a tropical climate- running water, mini waterfalls, palms, lush green plants EVERYWHERE! Eva went to college at Barry University in Miami, FL, so she was totally unphased by the humidity, but it definitely took some adjusting for me! All in all, I am so honored to photograph these two lovely friends in such a unique place, and look forward to their wedding next October!



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